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Collegium Program

Collegium Program Overview

Collegium is a key program at The Madeleine Choir School. Our collegium students serve to enhance the life of the Cathedral of the Madeleine and our school community. Students in collegium are the face of our school community often serving as lectors, ushers, and altar servers. The word collegium means association. This important association between collegium and choir strengthens our community. 

Throughout the school year, collegium students will engage in learning opportunities grounded in science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and music (STEAM2) and community service. 

Collegium students will:
  • Provide service and support to our local community
  • Apply Catholic social teaching to current issues in civic and international affairs
  • Engage in meaningful investigations in science, math, and engineering
  • Discover ways to enhance learning with the use of technology tools
  • Demonstrate understanding of skills in multiple areas in the field of fine arts 
Service to the Cathedral:
Collegium students serve as altar servers once per week (M-Th) Mass at the Cathedral. This is a required component of the program. The serving schedule will be created at the beginning of each school year. Requests for preferred days will be taken into consideration. However, accommodating the various requests is not always possible and we appreciate your flexibility and dedication. Students are allowed three excused absences per year from their scheduled services. If they are a no show, it is an unexcused absence and will impact their grade by 30%.

Behavioral Expectations for Weekday Cathedral Services:
  • On assigned weekday, students will participate in Choir Snack (3:45) and be escorted to Cathedral by school staff.
    • Arriving at the Cathedral with choristers and Cathedral staff member. Students will work on homework under the supervision of the Cathedral staff member from 4:25-5:00pm. They will be escorted up to the sacristy to prepare for 5:15pm Mass. 
    • Parent Pick Up at 6:05pm in the plaza. 

Absences due to Illness or Emergency/Anticipated Absences:
Illness, Emergency absences, and anticipated absence should be reported by Email to Cari Pinkowski: Anticipated absences need to be reported two weeks in advance.

Quarterly Attendance Grading Requirements:
           100%  Attends all service commitments 
            80%   Missed one service commitment in quarter
            70%   Missed two service commitment in quarter
            60%   Unexcused absence/s. [-30% for each additional unexcused absence]

Learning Sequence/Course Grading: 
After School Mass Attendance (25%)
Mondays: Art (15%)
Tuesdays: Yearbook  (15%)
Wednesdays: Engineering & Robotics  (15%)
Thursdays: Service (15%)