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Lunch & Yard Duty Schedule


COVID19 UPDATES for the 2021-2022 School Year:

Yard recess and Lunch duty volunteer times are Monday- Friday from 11:15-12:30 or 11:30-12:45. Parents may signup HERE.

**LUNCH/LUNCH RECESS DUTY WILL COUNT FOR DOUBLE VOLUNTEER HOURS. Enter the doubled amount when you enter you hours on the Volunteer Report Form

All volunteers will need to be vaccinated and masked at all times, indoor and outside. All volunteers must complete the Diocesan Safe Environment Training prior to volunteering. 

Volunteers will help monitor students in the lunchroom and assist the teacher on duty. Yard/recess volunteers will circulate on the quad and actively watch students on the playground. All volunteers must check-in at the front desk.

Pre-K   Independent Lunch Schedule


Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade  

Lunch 11:16-11:36 

Recess 11:36-11:56


Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade
Recess 11:56 – 12:16
Lunch 12:16 – 12:33-- 5th period begins at 12:36


Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade
Lunch 11:56 – 12:16
Recess 12:16 – 12:36 


Lunch Duty 11:20 – 12:30

Yard Duty 11:45 – 12:50


Lunch & Yard Duty Guidelines: Grades 1 - 8

We must have 2 parents per day

We need two parents for lunch duty and three parents for yard duty


 Lunch Duty  Grades 1-8

Arrive at 11:20 done by 12:30.  Complete a volunteer name tag in Erbin Hall.

Retrieve milk from the kitchen refrigerators and place the crates in the dining area.

Prepare water/bleach solution in pails for use later.

Supervise meal time.

Wipe down tables using the water/bleach solution after lower classes are dismissed and again after upper grade students are dismissed.

The teacher on duty will dismiss the students table by table.  

Empty the water/bleach solutions.

The trash cans, floors cleaning and storage of tables will be handled by the school custodian.

 Students can leave the lunchroom only after notifying an adult volunteer or the teacher on duty.

Yard Duty grades 1-8

Arrive on campus no later than 11:45 am, done by 12:50. 

Complete a volunteer name badge in Erbin Hall. 


Yard duty volunteers should move around the yard in an effort to monitor all areas of the campus. Students are never allowed outside the campus gates unless they are signed out and accompanied by their parent or guardian. A teacher will be on duty with the yard duty volunteers. The teacher will signal (whistle or bell) when lunch recess has ended and students know to proceed to their classroom or other assigned location. Outdoor recess begins after lunch has been eaten.  Recess volunteers remain outside for lower and upper grades – plan to be on yard duty for two shifts of students.


Lunch/Yard Duty grades PreK and K

Arrive by 10:50, done by noon. Please follow the guidelines provided by the PreK and K teachers.



Monthly Faculty Luncheon Assignment 

  • Faculty & Staff luncheons take place in the Erbin Hall Board Room.  In some cases, the faculty lounge has been used for the luncheon when the Board Room is occupied.
  • Email Megan Randazzo, [email protected], of the date you would like the luncheon to avoid conflicts with other activities.  The school Office Manager will email the faculty of the scheduled date.
  • Request parent volunteers to bring in enough food beverages and utensils for 30--35 people.  For December, plan for an additional 15 persons. 
  • It is helpful to schedule two additional recess/lunch duty volunteers on the teacher luncheon day.  This allows the teachers on lunch and yard duty some time to participate in the luncheon.  Consider teaming with another grade for the extra coverage this day and do the same for them on their luncheon day.