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MCS School Lunch Program


Lunches can be added, changed, or removed for credit up until 8 p.m. the night before the meal.

Out sick? Text us to remove a meal for credit before 10 a.m. the day of meal: 801-879-0551
Minimum order amount online is $10.00

Ordering Instructions:

1. Go to and click on link to go to the portal site.
2. Follow the instructions to set up an account using an email address, then log in.
3. Click on "student" to add or update your student (please ensure grade or room is correct for proper delivery).
4. Click on "order" to begin ordering. Add meals/options for ALL students then click "review order" at the bottom. 

NOTE: You can toggle between students and move forward to future months if desired before clicking "review order". This way you can check out and PAY ONCE FOR ALL STUDENTS and multiple months if desired.

5. Click on "pay now". This will take you to our PayPal page for payment. Use PayPal or credit card to pay.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions!
School Solutions Lunch Program Director Trinh Nguyen
Phone: 801-879-0551

School Solutions Lunch Program Director Trinh Nguyen – phone 801 879 0551 – email [email protected]

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your school lunch program this year. Please see information regarding our lunch program:

School Solutions – We are a Utah company focusing on the complete solution for schools (supplies, furniture, uniform cleaning service, catering onsite chef service or food delivery service).

Onsite Chef – Chef Tien will be joining our team. Chef Tien has over twenty years of experience in hotel catering (Little America, Hilton restaurants, Asian restaurants in Utah and Las Vegas). Chef Tien will get the chance serve each of the students daily.

Delivery Service – Elevation Catering has been serving school lunches for more than 13 years specializing in food delivery service with individually wrapped meals. Elevation Catering will be managing our fresh cut fruit daily, specialty food, menu design.

Certified Dietician – Ginger Ann Baily specializes in nutrition coaching, diet analysis and weight optimization. Ginger works and certifies menus for Elevation catering.

Meal Options – Regular Daily Meal $5.00; Vegetarian Meal (V) $5.00; Gluten Free Meal (GF)$6.95; Mini Meal $2.50 (main dish and fruit), Daily Salad Meal $5.00

Meal Portions – Proteins (3-4 oz); Pasta or Rice (8 oz); Fresh or Steamed Vegetables (4 oz); Fresh fruit (4 oz)

Emergency Meals – In case you forget to order lunch, your student can still receive an emergency meal (Regular Daily Meal) for $6.00. Our team will contact you for payment via credit card.

Online ordering – Convenient online ordering allowing you to order, change order, cancel your order and receive immediate credit to your account. See ordering instructions below.