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Welcome to the MCS Home & School Association (HSA) page.  

2018 - 2019 HSA Officers
Cerah Nordhoff - President (
Heather Beale- President-Elect
Michelle Kaleel - Secretary
Paige Witt - Treasurer
HSA is a parent association that works with the Principal and other MCS administrators to help create a strong sense of community.  HSA meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except February 2019*) in the MCS Boardroom located in Jacquelyn M. Erbin Hall.  
Meeting times vary between morning and evening with the intent to accommodate different schedules of our parent population.  Listed below are the dates and times of the scheduled meetings for the 2018 - 2019 school year.  All MCS parents are invited and encouraged to attend the HSA meetings.
September 4, 2018   8:30 AM
October 2, 2018   8:30 AM
November 6, 2018  7:00 PM
December 4, 2018   8:30 AM
January 8, 2019   8:30 AM
February 12, 2019   7:00 PM
March 5, 2019   8:30 AM
April 2, 2019   8:30 AM
May 7, 2019   7:00 PM
Meeting notes will be posted for review on this page shortly after each meeting, as well as a list of upcoming events sponsored by HSA.
*NOTE: The February 2019 meeting is scheduled to take place on the second Tuesday of the month.