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After her birth in Hot Springs, SD, Mrs. Kathy Murnin moved to Haily, ID, where she grew up. Mrs. Murnin has been a Kindergarten aid at The Madeleine Choir School since 2018. With a smiling face, she also greets our students as they are dropped off and picked up from school.  She is married to a wonderful man who is both a great husband and awesome father to their two handsome boys, Elijah and Micah. Mrs. Murnin has a deep appreciation of how our actions can impact others. She strives to teach qualities to her students such as honesty, kindness, gratitude, and love. If Mrs. Murnin had a personal Motto, if would be the following: “Be kind, tell the truth, and do your best.” She hopes to be remembered as someone who instilled these attributes in others.