USC Study Shows that MCS is Leading the Way in Improving Perception, Language Skills, Math, Reading, Self Esteem, Memory and Attention

What schools will give your children the best opportunity to succeed in their high school, collegiate, professional careers and beyond? We would like to share some of the latest information from recent studies that show direct advantages to having your child "actively participate and engage" in music as a part of their educational experience. You may have heard of the "Mozart Effect" which says that listening to Mozart's music improves learning capabilities and the performance of some mental tasks. As researchers at institutions of higher learning delve deeper into the details of the effects music can have in the development of children's brains we encourage you to learn more about their findings in the following articles published on by Zac Green and Natalie Wilson, respectively, as they directly align with the curriculum at MCS:

The Madeleine Choir School offers a comprehensive liberal arts education including the humanities, math, science, foreign languages, technology, visual arts and, of course, music.
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