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Ms. Liz Shveyd is a Utah native. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2014 with a degree in English and Linguistics, but has since spent most of her days coaching swimming. Originally, in 2015, Coach Liz, was an aid in First Grade at the Madeleine Choir School, and in 2018, she became, Coach Liz, when she started teaching P.E.


Coach Liz comes from a great family. Her father, Michael, was an excellent teacher, and just recently retired after 30 years of teaching. Her mother, Eileen, is the greatest optician and lady in the world. She has one sibling, James, who just graduated from The University of Utah.


Coach Liz hopes to share her excitement for teamwork and sportsmanship with her MCS students. She hopes to be remembered as someone who is strong, funny, sincere, and when needed, a little scary.


If Coach Liz had a personal motto, it would be: “Laugh and be happy and the worlds will laugh with you. Swim with heart. Happiness first.”