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Classroom Aide

Classroom Aide
The Madeleine Choir School
The job of a classroom aide is an essential aspect of an effective classroom. Young learners have many academic and behavioral needs. Classroom aides will report to the lead classroom teacher and the academic principal. A successful classroom aide is flexible, committed to the expected work hours, supports the duties outlined by the school and lead teacher and also exemplifies the mission of our school.
● Supporting instruction with students led by teacher in a variety of areas
● Supervise students at recess and other times throughout the school day
● Attend school masses and events to support students in following expectations
● Copy and support prepping of classroom materials as directed by the lead teacher
● Attend staff meetings only as needed
● Complete timesheet at the end of each week, lead teacher will sign weekly, academic principal will sign at end of pay period
● Assist in school wide testing Fall, Winter and Spring
● Present on faculty work days as needed
● OTHER: emergency substitute in other classes, coverage on yard duty, and more
Compensation based upon experience, observations and principal input.
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