The Madeleine Choir School

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We have only two openings remaining in Pre-K and two openings in Kindergarten. Do you know a friend, colleague or neighbor whose children would thrive in our learning community? If so, please contact Karla Padilla in our Admissions Office at 801 323-9850 x103 or We would be happy to have them tour the school and learn more about the expanding opportunities for young people at the Choir School.

Choir Snacks

MCS 2016-2017

Please see below the Chorister Snack Schedule and Procedures.  Also, please check the calendar for your scheduled day to provide snack for choristers and altar servers (collegiums). A master calendar can also be found at the front desk. If you cannot provide snack on your assigned date - IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SWITCH DATES WITH ANOTHER PARENT!


As a reminder, the choir numbers are as follows:

St. Cecilia: 25 + 4 servers
St. Gregory: 25 + 4 servers
St. Nicholas: 43 + 4 servers
St. Hildegard: 37 + 4 servers
Schola: 19
Thank you for providing a healthy snack for our choristers and altar servers. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Jodi Gross