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Dr. Tom Kesler (MCS '01)

Tom Kesler (MCS '01) is currently serving his residency at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Dr. Kesler specializes in radiology and attributes his academic foundation to The Madeleine Choir School.


Kesler’s academic career is highlighted by his undergraduate work at Cal Poly, and New York Medical College where he graduated AOA, the Honor Medical Society. Tom had a variety of interests including architecture and mechanical engineering. However, he found his real passion in medicine. Being able to help others in a field with rapidly evolving scientific advances led Tom to major in Biomedical Engineering. There he worked in the microcirculation lab with Trevor Cardinal, PhD and was coauthor on a paper about the vascular responses to low blood flow. He also worked with Randall Dull in Lung Vasculature at the University of Utah, whose children were former students at the Madeline Choir school.


“I attribute my academic success to the teachers at the Choir School,” said Kesler. ‘There was an atmosphere there that allowed students to believe in themselves and live up to their potential. It was really a great sense of community. Great teachers like Mrs. May pushed us and really took pride in making sure we were the best prepared for our future.”


Dr. Kesler stated that the tours throughout Europe were some of the best memories of his elementary education. He loved visiting Rome so much in fifth grade he later went back for a study abroad program in college. “It was such a unique experience to travel to all these historical places and be surrounded by your classmates and family,” said Kesler.


Written and published in October 2015 by Matt Kitterer