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Moy Diaz (MCS '12)

We perform on the fields and courts with the same focus and dedication that we do in the classrooms and packed music venues. Recent MCS alumnus and soccer star extraordinaire, Moises Diaz, Jr., was named the 2013 Offensive Player of the Year for the boys' soccer team as a freshman at Judge Memorial Catholic High School while also earning All-State recognition.

Moy came to The Madeleine Choir School in the sixth grade. "My experience at the Choir School was awesome. It was harder than public school, but I really enjoyed it and I felt it prepared me for all my classes at Judge," said Moy about his experience at the Choir School.

English is Moy's second language and he attributes his parallel success in the classroom and on the pitch to the preparation he received at MCS, as he excels in all subjects, most notably in science, mathematics and English. Moy earned honors recognition in English, and has established his talents through his writing. Additionally, Moy excels in math and he tested into geometry as a freshman with continued success in algebra II in his sophomore year.

As Moy reflects on his time at the Choir School the teachers and coaches stand out to him as the people who have influenced his success. "Mr. Lambert is a great guy, but he's tough. That's what makes him a great teacher," he says in recognition of Mr. Patrick Lambert. "The teachers really paid attention to the work we were doing.
After tests Mr. Lambert would ask, 'How do you think you did?' You don't get that in public schools." (Mr. Lambert, currently in his first year as the Principal of St. Joseph's High School in Ogden, Utah, taught seventh and eighth grade Math and Science at The Madeleine Choir School for eight years.)

While soccer is his favorite sport, and he has already been identified as a prospect by the Real Salt Lake Academy, Moy talks about the atmosphere as the team mentality was pervasive in all areas at The Madeleine Choir School. "We won because we were reminded that we are a whole team. If we lost it was not one person's fault," he says.

Principal Baillie recalled of Moy and his teammates, "That was my first year as principal and I remember the kids on that team were such a tight group and such good friends."

In his first year at MCS, Moy was encouraged to play on the Choir School basketball team by the school's founder and Pastoral Administrator, Mr. Glenn. "When we first started playing we hardly knew each other. It was just a sport on the side so we could have fun. But we soon managed to feel the intensity in it. It became competitive and we had to win," recalled Moy. "We played for our coach, Mr. Allen." (Brett Allen served as the Athletic Director at MCS since the school moved onto its current campus and was recently named as the Athletic Director at Judge Memorial.)

Moy and his teammates in both sports not only won a few championships, but were also the recipients of the Sportsmanship Award at basketball tournament in Pocatello, Idaho.

Moy acknowledged that the award was bestowed upon his team, and several other teams from the Choir School over the years, because of the enthusiasm they displayed, win or lose. "We always played to have fun and thanked our opponent for a good game."

Moy is looking forward to the season in the spring of 2014. With a year of high school level experience behind him he has already earned the respect of his upper-class teammates as seen in a Salt Lake Tribune article from March 28, 2013: Prep boys' soccer: Judge blanks Uintah.

Moy scored the first goal in a shutout win against regional rival Uintah High School.

"I trust Moises when he has the ball," Judge senior Alex Jensen said. "He knows how to shoot and when to pass it off. He's a real trustworthy player."

Moy embraces his role on the team as a set up man. Not always looking to score the goal, but rather preferring to set up his teammates with an assist.

Illustrating his team attitude and strong loyalty to his alma mater, Moy was sure to mention his MCS classmates, Tim Hemmersmeier and Luis Ramirez, as they continue to play together at the high school level, also reeling off their cohorts from that special Choir School team: Bapa Falemaka, Tofa Fianga, Erik Steenburgh, Harry Pendergrast, Luis Ramirez, Yamir Arano, Nick Roberts and Jacob Loose.
Wrtitten and published October 2013 by Matt Kitterer