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MCS Faculty and Staff Spotlight Series 2017

MCS Faculty and Staff Spotlight Series: Ms. Marlie Rosenberg


Ms. Rosenberg began teaching Kindergarten at The Madeleine Choir School in 2012. She holds her B.S. in Elementary Instruction and an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Vincent College in Pennsylvania.


We have many great stories about Ms. Rosenberg at MCS and one of our favorites took place last February. To put more focus on having a “healthy heart” and steer the students away from their typical focus on candy for Valentine’s Day Ms. Rosenberg lead a team effort, with other faculty from both of our Kindergarten classes, to teach them about the circulatory system and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The Kindergarten students learned about the way blood flows through our bodies. With the help of some great volunteer parents, the teachers constructed lungs out of balloon arches and the students pretended to be oxygen rich and carbon dioxide rich blood cells. As the students traveled through a larger-than-life circulatory system they created an incredible moving blood lab, enabling the students to grasp a very difficult concept while having a fun experience with their friends and classmates.


This year Ms. Rosenberg will be taking on a new role as teacher-mentor at MCS, along with teaching art and P.E. to our kindergarten classes. When she isn’t teaching and serving as a mentor to other MCS faculty, Ms. Rosenberg spends her time designing different types of curriculum like the blood lab.


Outside of work Ms. Rosenberg enjoys cycling, running, baking, and anything that gets her moving. She has lived in Utah a little over five years with her husband, and in the last year they traveled around France and Switzerland following the Tour De France.


Please look for more MCS Teacher Spotlights or contact our Director of Admissions, Karla Padilla ( or 801-323-9850 ext. 103), to learn more about our curriculum and mission at The Madeleine Choir School. We currently have limited space available in Pre-K, Kindergarten and a few other grade levels.