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Mrs. Summer Millican

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Summer Millican grew up with first generation college student parents who were educators and small business owners, so her commitment to lifelong learning and hard work began on Day One. 

After graduating from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Psychology / Family Studies, Mrs. Millican spent a year in Chicago and then moved to Boston for her M.A. in English at Boston College, where she made lifelong friendships and discovered an appreciation for Catholic education and Jesuit values. After graduation, Mrs. Millican spent three years in Saint Louis, Missouri working for the Writing Support Team at Wydown Middle School in Clayton while also earning her license in Secondary English at University City High School. She then moved to Nashville, Tennessee and taught 6th Grade English at Christ Presbyterian Academy for three years, before moving to Salt Lake City in 2015. 

Mrs. Millican and her husband share two wonderful sons, who are students at the Choir School. Currently, she splits time between MCS and Salt Lake Public Schools as a reading interventionist. 

PROFESSIONAL CLOSE: Mrs. Millican is just as passionate about social-emotional literacy and human development as she is about literature and grammar, and she seeks to serve her communities with the deepest sense of compassion and professionalism she can provide. Her brief stint in Management Consulting also made her passionate about spreadsheets, logistics, and cultivating positive change in individuals and organizations. When she’s not trying to make the world a better place, she’s sleeping.

FUN CLOSE: Despite multiple attempts to become vegan, Mrs. Millican still fluently speaks the love languages of Cheese and Chocolate. An avid tea lover, she also enjoys traveling with her kids, baking, hiking, kayaking, rainy weather, and British television.