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Mr. Josh Davies was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015, he started working for the Extended Care Program here at The Madeleine Choir School. Currently, he is an aide for Pre-K while also working hard at The University of Utah to complete his bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Josh comes from a family that supports his continued growth. His father, Chris, and mother, Katy (who is a teacher in Pre-K here at MCS), along with his brother, Michael, and sister, Sophie, support his continued personal development. Josh admires those who care about others, including his own grandma, who just happens to be the nicest person he knows.  When Josh is not busy teaching students or concentrating on school, you can find him twirling a pair of drumsticks, his foot on kick drum pedal, while jamming behind a set of drums. 
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Mr. Josh Davies
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
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